Trimming is the foundation of our work. It involves cutting the excess horn, which grows about one centimeter per month in a healthy horse.

We perform both simple trimming and physiological trimming, which leaves your equids' hooves bare when the quality of their hooves allows for it.


Shoeing becomes necessary in many cases to protect or correct Nature's imperfections.

The horn, composed of keratin, wears quickly on abrasive surfaces. It is essential to apply horseshoes for the comfort of the horses.

We engage in discussions with owners, riders, or trainers. Once the obligations and constraints of each are understood, we ensure to choose the most suitable and least restrictive shoeing for the well-being of each horse.

Shoeing can range from basic applications to much more specialized ones to enhance both comfort and performance.


In collaboration with veterinarians and utilizing modern imaging and cutting-edge materials, we perform corrective or curative shoeing and bonding. These interventions aim to relieve, correct, preserve, and assist in treating various congenital or non-congenital injuries and accidents.

We are here to listen and meet your needs to the best of our abilities.